Mastering Work-Life Balance

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Tuesday, April 5 at 7PM CET/6PM GMT


How do you finally make time for yourself, your hobbies and projects in a way that doesn’t leave you completely exhausted? And how do you maintain this tricky balance long-term?

In this webinar, you will learn practical daily strategies that you can start implementing into your routine right away.

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You want to be more organized and intentional with your time – at work and at home

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You need help setting good boundaries and sticking to them

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You want energy to pursue goals, rather than just rest and recover.


What you’ll learn


How to create healthy boundaries between work and home, especially if you work virtually.


How to replace procrastination with energy and motivation and keep them flowing.


How to build long-term habits and routine that support you in your life’s goals.

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Tuesday, April 5 at 7PM Central European Time.

The webinar will be recorded and available for download in case you can’t make it live. The recording will be emailed to you after the session, along with a PDF summary.

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